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Photos Taken On Colgate's Campus
Commencement Day, Case Geyer LibraryCommencement Morning, Willow PathCommencement Day Early LightTaylor Lake in SpringColgate Late Night in SpringFull Moon and ChapelYellow crew boat May 2014 size 15x5Yellow Crew Boat May 2014 II size 15x5Yellow Crew Boat May 2014 II size 24x8Yellow Crew Boat OCt 2015 I size 24x8Yellow Crew Boat II Oct. 2015 size 15x5Yellow crew boat IV oct 2015 size 24x8Yellow Crew Boat IV Oct. 2015 size 15x5Yellow Boat October 2015 size 15x5Yellow Crew Boat  0ct 2015 size 24x8Chapel Early LightThe Crew on Lake Moraine 2015Sunrise on the QuadColgate Sunrise Panoramic 10x36Fall Splendor at Colgate 2014

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